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Fancy his gazing rapturously into his mistress' eyes and whispering softly to her that she wasn't, on the whole, bad-looking, as girls went
She appeared affected by different feelings; wiping a few tears from her lovely eyes, she held out her hand to Felix, who kissed it rapturously and called her, as well as I could distinguish, his sweet Arabian.
Here Sloppy threw his head back, opened his mouth wide, and laughed rapturously.
The album was passionately performed and received rapturously, with stand-out tracks including Apply Some Pressure, Going Missing, I Want You To Stay and Acrobat.
Bobby Long, whose third album Ode To Thinking was rapturously received the other month, kicks off a short tour at Birmingham's Hare & Hounds on Tuesday.
An enchanting, cross-cultural audio experience, Lights of Laniakea is rapturously radiant.
The concerts given by Sir Simon and his fine musicians, which took us through the seven symphonies by Sibelius and Mahler's Resurrection symphony, were rapturously received.
In a rapturously received speech in Berlin, and a more nuanced one in Cairo, he drew praise for his measured approach after what had seemed the rather reckless adventurism of President George W Bush.
There was no doubt the defendant was rapturously in love with the plaintiff and was determined to marry her.
YOU know you've struck concert gold when performers and audience are on their feet, rapturously applauding the composer, within seconds of the conclusion of a world premiere performance.
She was welcomed with flowers, champagne and a celebratory gift holiday voucher for E3,000, while the Dublin Airport Police & Fire Service Band rapturously played Congratulations .