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An example in the De raptu is the word flectere, which, as we have already seen, expresses Pluto's indocility in the embassy in 1.
Though blushing and Venus's triumphalism are both found in the Epithalamium and in De raptu, the latter poem engages with the erotic discourses of elegy much more substantially than does the former, in which these features appear to be suave flourishes with only limited impact on the interpretation of the narrative.
30) Indeed, such energy supplies the narrative in the first three books of the De raptu with impetus.
Since Claudian draws upon Virgil as a model in this simile, Philip Hardie's structural scheme for understanding the storm episode in Virgil's Aeneid may be adduced to highlight those elements that Claudian recasts in De raptu.
In De raptu, these key motifs appear in a different arrangement:
An exemplary passage is the dangerous moment in De raptu when Pluto "blaze[s] into rage" (exarsit in iras, 1.
For clues let us turn to Stephen Wheeler, who draws from Rene Girard's seminal Violence and the Sacred to read the De raptu.
Ovid in Heroides 6 above) offer the mutually exclusive choice of either the erotic or the funerary, Claudian's De raptu offers both the erotic and the funerary in a single unfortunate maiden.
If it seems extraordinary for the Furies to possess contradictory personalities in the De raptu, perhaps it is to remind us that Venus exhibits similar duality in Roman epics.