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Put every engine of the law in force, every trick that ingenuity can devise and rascality execute; fair means and foul; the open oppression of the law, aided by all the craft of its most ingenious practitioners.
Tulliver to lose the suit about the right of road and the bridge that made a thoroughfare of his land for every vagabond who preferred an opportunity of damaging private property to walking like an honest man along the highroad; all lawyers were more or less rascals, but Wakem's rascality was of that peculiarly aggravated kind which placed itself in opposition to that form of right embodied in Mr.
In time, even if Washington was under considerable strain when making the attempt, he came to exemplify his maxim, writes Douglas Southall Freeman, "and he scarcely lost patience except in dealing with three classes--cowards, those whom he believed to be of habitual rascality, and, above all, those who were cheating the American people for their own profit in the life-and-death struggle for independence.
Never having made much money from his endeavors, he admitted that his motivation was "rascality, pure rascality.
The other aim is that the variation in speech makes the hearts of others remove any rascality and give them broad-mindedness (Tabatabaee, 1417, 303/7).
Plus, I love this line from the trailer: aACAythe rascality of bureaucracy'.
casting Sandford for such parts stage managers were bowing to the audience's stereotype of Sandford as the villain, for in these kinds of roles he would have had sufficient latitude wherein to display his talents for displaying if not simon-pure villainy, certainly rascality.
Practices not falling within one of these more common categories can still be in violation if the conduct attains a "level of rascality that would raise an eyebrow" in the business world.
We are not so shameless to commit such rascality as imposed by our beliefs," said Erdoy-an.
If people were seriously concerned about this secular righteousness, "there would be no rascality or injustice, but sheer righteousness and blessedness on earth.
In the long run, virtue is more successful than the most romantic rascality.
Maternity must forth into the streets" (1:251-52) And here is another: "But be this as it may, menaced Rascality, in whinnying scorn, is shaking all the Gates: the fastening of one (some write, it was a chain merely) gives way: Rascality is in the Grand Court, whinnying louder still" (1:277).