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Thus it is obvious what were my qualifications when I was rashly engaged as a leader-writer (it was my sister who saw the advertisement) on an English provincial paper.
And then, more gravely, "My Lord, I have been raised at court, and I understand that a prince does not wed rashly, and so let us forget what passed between Bertrade de Montfort and Norman of Torn.
He awoke frightened, and shifted his weight rashly on the log.
Naturally not of a sweet temper, his isolated position in the house had soured him, and he rashly attempted to vent his ill-humor on me, as a newcomer.
Making allowance for these little drawbacks, the impression that she produced was decidedly favorable; and, however rashly she might have acted, her motive was beyond reproach.
Was this the rare case that he had anticipated, judging rashly by appearances?
I deeply regret being obliged to shock the eyes and ears of such of my readers as have a prejudice in favor of pure English by expressions like the above, but, having rashly undertaken to write a little story about Young America, for Young America, I feel bound to depict my honored patrons as faithfully as my limited powers permit.
Burn my rashly written lines, and look (as I look) to the better life which you may yet share with your own
I have no doubt Grace rashly talked of matters which an older and wiser person would have kept to herself.
Your circumstances are peculiar, I allow; but have patience, love; do nothing rashly.
Please to remember, I opened the book by accident, at that bit, only the day before I rashly undertook the business now in hand; and, allow me to ask-- if THAT isn't prophecy, what is?
Cut it off--cut it off short," said the father, rashly.