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Project name : Rasing of primary beds20 raising of bag plants six lakhs and raising of teak beds 30 and their maintenance at Central Nursery Srirampur
Mr Biggar, who is rasing money for the Teenage Cancer Trust after 17-year-old Zoe King died from the disease, said: "Sharon King, Zoe's mother, has worked in our company for many years.
Esther Morris Gets Women The Vote" is the true story of Esther Morris, a women who started out believing she could do anything and then provided it by building up her own business, rasing a family on the western frontier, becoming the first woman judge in the United States, and then becoming America's first elected political office holder.
Supreme Court has agreed to hear Philip Morris USA's appeal of an $80 million punitive damage award involving the death of a Marlboro smoker, rasing concerns about the future of punitive damages in tobacco and other public health matters.