rate of pay

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The decision follows the publication last year of a report by The Liverpool Fairness Commission which recommended that all employers across the city adopt the Living Wage as their minimum rate of pay.
Finally, where both state and federal overtime laws apply, the standard that provides the higher rate of pay prevails.
N It should be agreed in your contract of employment that your rate of pay includes an allowance for holiday pay.
If he worked a firefighter's hours, his rate of pay would be pounds 78 per hour.
This is the ninth straight year the rate of pay raise at small firms has fallen below that at major companies, it said.
In an advisory opinion the DOL ruled that because the FLSA did not contain an explicit exception for stock-based compensation programs, income resulting from the exercise of stock options might have to be included in the regular rate of pay in calculating an individual's overtime pay.
The main sticking point remains weekend pay and the point at which a premium rate of pay kicks in for junior doctors.
The elimination of area differentials and discriminatory clause, night shift allowance of 20 percent of usual rate of pay, and afternoon shift allowance of 15 percent of normal rate of pay are among the other demands.
IT WAS encouraging to read that the company in your article on Liverpool City Centre regeneration (January 19) stated that they are paying the Polish workers employed on the site the same rate of pay as the local construction workers.
He said: "One thing the strategic health authority should be trying to achieve is a universal rate of pay for doctors across the region.
Hospital directors in a 3-2 vote Monday approved reinstating emergency orthopedic services and doubling the doctors' daily on-call rate of pay to $1,500.