rather than

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If the recent difficulties of theoretical physics arose from flaws in scientific culture and institutions, rather than from the sheer abstruseness of natural laws, our progress in understanding the universe just might resume.
Thus, Reumann argues that the sexual revolution began in the 1940s with sexual discourse rather than in the 1960s and 19760s with sexual bodies.
Might it be appropriate to collaboratively titrate both pain and opiate use in the setting of the doctor-patient relationship, with an emphasis on managing patient expectations rather than rigidly committing to "nothing but smiley faces?
Depending on individual talents and interests, they should serve as thought and implementation partners rather than simply as participants in meetings.
Rather than establishing denominational brand identity and loyalty in order to build denominational or organizational dominance, missionaries and agencies are forming alliances, cooperative ventures, covenants, and partnerships for the sake of wider and stronger witness.
Value creation resides at the core of every company, and most organizations theorize about how to do it, rather than rolling up their sleeves and making it happen.
Of course, the responsibility lies with me rather than with these anthology introductions to teach students.
Hull states that 85% of the study participants wore masks at home, which indicates that they were likely to have been symptomatic and subject to isolation rather than quarantine.
Many of these artists tend to look inward rather than project out, and curatorial choices amplify the rather dispiriting feeling.
We wanted a building that would serve the purpose of worshippers rather than the other way around," says Mr.
Unlike conventional jet turbine engines, a scramjet uses its interior shape, rather than moving parts, to compress the air passing through it before it is ignited.
Where the shareholder is a 100% owner, logically any advances should be capital contributions rather than debt.