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1-42), we find the most complete levels of elaboration as well as enthymemes and ratiocinations.
The following arguments in this section include two thematic elaborations and eight ratiocinations.
What distinguishes them from the rhetorical syllogism or the five parts of the ratiocination is the enrichment of the argument, after the proof has been established.
Five of these typologies are complete logical arguments based on the Ciceronian ratiocination.
Decisive in his commentary are the final arguments of this section: ratiocination (35-37), treatment of a theme or thesis (38-39), thematic elaboration (40-43) and complete argument or chreia (44-48).
As these cultural ratiocinations have a greater impact on the response levels of the daughters' drug use, female drug users looked for help earlier (six months on average) at health care institutions than do male adolescents (12 months on average), although this first attempt was unsuccessful.
All the limpid, somewhat staccato ongoing ratiocinations move through the non-identification of the horns of this difference as it plays back and forth from "crystal" as substantive subject, the text about a crystal on a desk as in "crystal analysis," and text as characterized by the adjective crystal, as "crystal vase.
Bearing on the practices of Coolidge, as of Michael Palmer, are advances on the ratiocinations of Stevens, the obliquities of Stein, the meta-physicalized play of John Ashbery.
That sonnet, in harmony with the group, does the number of rapid allusion and intense ratiocination on Olson's own poem "The Mobius Strip.
Nana is apparently undergoing a nervous breakdown--or at least his ratiocinations are sufficiently fractured so as to suggest a mental ecart, a gap or fissure or rift (as it is translated).