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As these cultural ratiocinations have a greater impact on the response levels of the daughters' drug use, female drug users looked for help earlier (six months on average) at health care institutions than do male adolescents (12 months on average), although this first attempt was unsuccessful.
Though his vision of the future international order differed significantly from what he criticized as the overly abstract ratiocinations of others, Taparelli had no less a fervent faith in the ability of a just, universal order to resolve conflict and to advance the satisfaction of all but the ultimately transcendent longings of humanity.
Yet, his research and ratiocinations will be appreciated by all who are intrigued by Stravinsky's early masterpiece.
Or, l'on peut imaginer, sans qu'il n'y ait lieu pour autant de verser dans de faciles ratiocinations, des circonstances off l'equation utilitaire est renversee (55).
But never if there was a risk of generating an erroneous confession, fiend when you step back from the all too often and ratiocinations of Law Professor Land and the New York Times, for that matter, which is to be preferred, taking advantage of the thankfully often present weaknesses of those accused of serious crimes in a way that will not lead to wrongful convictions or freeing, without punishment, those who commit such acts?
All the limpid, somewhat staccato ongoing ratiocinations move through the non-identification of the horns of this difference as it plays back and forth from "crystal" as substantive subject, the text about a crystal on a desk as in "crystal analysis," and text as characterized by the adjective crystal, as "crystal vase.
Bearing on the practices of Coolidge, as of Michael Palmer, are advances on the ratiocinations of Stevens, the obliquities of Stein, the meta-physicalized play of John Ashbery.
Nana is apparently undergoing a nervous breakdown--or at least his ratiocinations are sufficiently fractured so as to suggest a mental ecart, a gap or fissure or rift (as it is translated).