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You don't admit, I know, that one can be fond of new rolls when one has had one's rations of bread--to your mind it's a crime; but I don't count life as life without love," he said, taking Levin's question his own way.
They boiled their boots for soup to eke out the rations, which only made their hunger more intolerable.
They became exhausted in imitation of them; and they yaw-yawed in their speech like them; and they served out, with an enervated air, the little mouldy rations of political economy, on which they regaled their disciples.
PESHAWAR -- District Nazim Mohammad Asim Khan Thursday took strict note of sale of fruits, vegetables and milk on inflated rated in provincial metropolis and directed Ration Controller to take strict action against profiteers.
The government started applying this new system in subsided bread sales through smart ration and bread cards last September.
ACCORDING TO AN ARTICLE in the Ottawa Sun, the Canadian Combat Rations Program announced additions to the Individual Ration Pack this year.
KUWAIT, Jan 18 (KUNA) -- The Ministry of Commerce and Industry dismissed as baseless the circulated reports about a surge in the price of ration card commodities.
Each person had to register at chosen shops, and was provided with a ration book containing coupons.
the false notion that the United States does not ration health care:
To begin with, the government was begin with, the government was T reluctant to issue ration books, preferring to ask the population to regulate its behaviour.
Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian has announced that plans to ration water in Tehran and other cities have been dropped.
KARACHI -- The Al-Khidmat Welfare Society , Muslim Aid and Qidwaye welfare Trust on Monday at the advent of Holy month of Ramadan distributed ration bags among the less privileged and needy families.