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Rational revealed that it wants to be close to customers to understand their needs to offer customised solutions.
ABS has achieved the highly coveted IBM Premier Business Partner status that indicates a commitment to maintaining the highest competency levels needed to sell as well as provide training, consulting and support for the IBM Rational Products.
The bundle includes: Rational Team Concert, IBM Rational Change, IBM Rational DOORS, IBM Rational Rhapsody and IBM Rational Synergy.
Rational Choice Models and Alternative-to-Rational Choice Models
Rational choice theory, which develops out of the reasoning of traditional neoclassical economic theories of market behavior, tries to explain individual and sometimes group behavior, by arguing that, controlling for all other factors, individuals will make decisions based on maximizing their benefits as much as possible.
He pays particular attention to the geopolitical context in which rational choice liberalism emerged in the middle decades of the 20th century.
Microsoft was moved to respond after Rational competitor and software configuration management player Merant Inc told ComputerWire the day before yesterday that there was "anecdotal evidence" that "Rational is taking more and more of a back seat in the eyes of Microsoft.
The Rational XDE Professional v2002 is aimed at providing a powerful design environment that includes design capabilities as well as seamless integration with the tools used to write code.
Together, MULTI and Rational Rose RealTime Unified Modeling Language (UML) tools greatly simplify the conceptualization, development and deployment of complex embedded applications for a wide range of microprocessors and real-time operating systems.
It is a tribute to the intellectual and polemical achievements of Richard Price and Joseph Priestley that the activities of the rational dissenters of late eighteenth-century England continue to fascinate historians, philosophers, and theologians.
Thus, from the perspective of self-interest the rational course is to decline to cooperate.
The argument advanced in this slim, unfocused and sometimes redundant text suggests that very powerful states can occasionally afford not to be rational.