rational faculty

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And that to embrace faith one has to suspend his rational faculty and concentrate upon heart alone, so that it may absorb the Divine light and become illuminated by it.
The "story of Islamic philosophy" argues Bashier (Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Israel), is the story of the move from a rationalistic phase through to a recognition of the limits of the rational faculty and openness to mystical illumination, or liminal philosophy.
What makes the soul special is its rational faculty, its capacity to reason.
Harpur notes that "the experience of mystics has usually revolved around a direct apprehension or awareness of God--an experience that goes beyond the rational faculty of the mind and self-willed activity.
Reformation consists in a process of "refinement" under the guidance of the rational faculty.
As a preliminary strategy, Luis de Granada recommended that one recite the Pater Noster or the Ave Maria, giving the rational faculty of the mind an opportunity to become aware of the burgeoning power of rage.
Sabuco was operating under a Platonic anthropology that endowed the rational faculty - "that divine member located in the head" - a unique and infallible position within the human soul.
The Stoics are not responsible for this, neither those who made their ideas a guide to conduct, as Epictetus and Cicero did, nor those who said the moral life consists in the exercise of our rational faculty (which does link Stoicism to economics, not of Smith's day or Marshall's but of ours).
The first holds that passions are judgments, assents to appearances; since they are modifications of the soul's rational faculty, the passions are educable.
I am not referring here to a person's rational faculty which is his or her natural form (Guide, I:1 [p.
9: "But you should know that these people have imaginations, fancies, and convictions, and that they assume the judgments of these three are the judgments of the rational faculty.