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In this article we begin with a review of the theoretical and research literature focused on the process of rationale development.
To fortify the decision- making process it should be made mandatory for every decision maker to record the rationale behind his decision.
During the rationale condition, compliance was scored if the child handed the toy to the therapist either a) after the initial instruction was delivered, or b) within 10-s of the rationale being delivered (see description of rationale condition below).
The two races are similar and I thought Royal Rationale should have won at Ascot as he got trapped well behind and on the wide outside, clearly travelling further than all the others in contention.
Pipe said: "Mamlook and Royal Rationale, who finished third in the Ascot Stakes this year, will both probably run.
The test group was given the rationale in non-controlling language that acknowledged their possible negative feelings about the lesson.
They need to be convinced that this centre's rationale is good, and what we're proposing makes sense.
The Bush administration's proposed amnesty for illegal aliens creates another rationale for a North American ID.
The present article, based in large part on the 3 synthesis reports, addresses the finding relative to 5 key policy issues: rationale, evidence, delivery, resources, and leadership.
The basic framework offered here for the consolidation consideration process is complete with examples of the rationale used prior to adding the sixth brand, Candlewood Suites.
Artworks are set against architectural models to demonstrate direct reciprocities between art and architecture, presenting a two hundred year history of form-finding rationale.
Determine if rationale has material impact on financials.