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The idea that social studies teachers should develop comprehensive rationales for their work as citizenship educators can be traced back to Shaver's (1977) edited bulletin for the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), Building Rationales for Citizenship Education.
Examples of antecedent-based interventions for noncompliance include the high-p instructional sequence, advance notice or a "warning" of an upcoming instruction, and rationales.
In recent Grant Thornton LLP surveys, three reasons were most frequently cited for acquisition failures: poor integration planning, lack of strategic rationale and weak cultural fit.
But the rationales of 2000 cannot simply be reheated four years later.
The rationale for the reconsideration is the report that's included in the agenda,'' board president Al Beattie said.
While the specifications at times support the rationale of the retesting, some of the other justifications applied to failed tests are unsupported--except in the mind of the person using them.
The study was intended to explore the ability of teachers to articulate their beliefs (through stated rationales for their practices) as well as the personal and professional influences related to those beliefs and rationales.
Process measures and checks on treatment quality integrity included believability of reason giving and subject evaluations of the value and usefulness of the rationales.
com/research/451e67/cloud_computing_in) has announced the addition of Intersect360 Research's new report "Cloud Computing in HPC: Rationale for Adoption" to their offering.
Now our elected leaders start lining up to create their rationales for their positions.
Card and Krueger offered some complex theoretical rationales, but most of their colleagues are unconvinced; the centrist view is probably that minimum wages "do," in fact, reduce employment, but that the effects are small and swamped by other forces.
Liberalism discusses the standard programs liberals sought, the standard rationales for them, and--most importantly--the redefinitions of classical-liberal concepts (freedom, rights, and equality, among others) that made the rationales seem plausible.