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Mohammed Abdullah Al Ali, Director of the RTA Buildings and Facilities and Head of the RTA Power Rationalising Team, said that said that the plan for the current year covers three key entities: Rail Agency in order to reduce power consumption by 10 per cent, Traffic and Roads Agency which is required to reduce power consumption of street lighting by 20 per cent and the Technical Support Services Sector which is required to bring about a 30 per cent reduction in power consumption in all RTA buildings and facilities; which could not be achieved without the concerted support in the rationalising process.
The delay in getting the ratification meetings underway is because of the complexity of rationalising and standardising the schedules into an entire document.
That might mean rationalising the product range and removing less profitable lines to reduce machinery downtime, or improving staff performance by clarifying targets and ensuring employees are properly equipped to meet their responsibilities.
THE EUROPEAN Commission has been tasked with drafting a politically acceptable increase of the European Union's (EU) minimum excise duty rates, rationalising the system, but not touching wines and sparkling wines.