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Permissivism about rationality is the view that there is sometimes more than one rational response to a given body of evidence.
From the Center recommend that the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption takes into consideration the data from the index in rationality and confirms the cases of corruption, and the Public Procurement Bureau should initiate amendments in the law on public procurement in order to eliminate the concept for compulsory online auction to all tenders.
Evidence of Rationality in Akan Philosophical Thought: On the Notions of Rational Belief and Rational Action
We hope that the matter will be handled with wisdom and rationality as dictated by national interests," he said in a statement at the government offices.
Should one start by questioning the rationality of individual players by blaming the crisis on individual greed?
The implication of this research for the overall project is a need to contemplate more deeply the limits of conscious and cognitive aspects of decision making--we must think more on the role of economic rationality in human choice.
Iran, showing a great record of cooperation and rationality deserves to be brought back to the negotiating table.
In the context of rationality, the development of the behavioral approach introduced and developed individual characteristics, a posteriori theory.
The analytical "Weberian quartenary" of value-, instrumental-, formal-, and substantive rationality informs this book's methodological purpose, which is synchronic and "non-developmental" in its approach.
Incommensurable perspectives, therefore, operate from essentially different systems of rationality.
First I will develop Humean views of rationality and action so as to display the force of Korsgaard's objection.
He works hard to connect these ideas in such a way that he can move freely from concepts of freedom, rationality, and activity to those of power, virtue, happiness.