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Given how easy it is for doctors to rationalize accepting gifts, which, from other research, we know influences their prescribing behavior, the inescapable conclusion is that gifts should simply be prohibited," said Loewenstein, who has done extensive research and writing on the role of human psychology in exacerbating conflicts of interest.
First, the criminal must rationalize that the illicit behavior is in his best interest.
But I can't rationalize and call the current black antipathy to
The most common non-Christian response to this idea is that imaginative interpretations allow the Bible to contain the appropriate passage to prove or rationalize just about anything.
Large manufacturers in some cases will need to modify product mix, facility footprint, and product lines to rationalize costs, remain competitive, and position their balance sheets to successfully meet an eventual economic down-turn.
The plan was prepared by the PAEW, in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in a bid to preserve and rationalize electricity consumption up to 2035.
In its bid to rationalize route network, the local arm of airline giant AirAsia is strengthening its regional operations and reducing its flights domestically.
Global Banking News-12 May 2008-Central bank of Bangladesh to rationalize forex transactions(C)2008 ENPublishing - http://www.
This contract win shows that our strategy to use our financial and management resources to reduce costs, increase automation and rationalize our global manufacturing capacity is positioning Superior to take advantage of these opportunities.
How then does he rationalize all of his backroom deals, and now his veto of SB 1164, a bill that would have lifted unreasonable restrictions for journalists to interview inmates of the state's scandal-plagued prisons?
Criminals frequently employ these defense mechanisms to rationalize their actions, to project blame onto someone or something else, and to minimize their crimes.