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In his work optical conventions such as perspective are viewed not as a restrictive "norm" to be subverted with gimmickry and darkroom manipulations, but as a device for the construction of a rationalized vision.
So liberals have followed and rationalized and pimped for him throughout his Administration right up to the point where he repealed welfare.
The true utilization of much installed software -- licensed or unlicensed -- is poorly understood, and typically not rationalized with specific projects or business goals.
Having rationalized his decision before the race by saying Officer didn't run hard while finishing fifth at the Breeders' Cup, Baffert rationalized it afterward by saying the son of Bertrando will benefit from the experience of trying to come from behind in a 12-horse field.
Yet, rationalized production was not achieved in the impressive stone and brick, three and four story textile mills that heralded industrialization in the U.
During the interrogation that followed the interview, the investigator rationalized Brad's actions.
As Georges Lucas' Star Wars rationalized Dionysian mysticism with Apollonian technology, so Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind used love zaps from the sky to transform members of the middle-American silent majority into hippie dropouts.