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As such, rationing was introduced by the government.
seek to put an end to insurance companies rationing by health status and
The director of the Safe Staffing Healthy Workplaces (SSHW) Unit, Lisa Skeet, says its work with 12 DHBs shows care rationing is occurring in the majority of wards in which care capacity demand management (CCDM) is operating.
By far the biggest misconception regarding rationing is that it is always hated.
Food became more important as the war continued and rationing of sugar and butter remained until 1920.
Most Americans experience health-care rationing by employment," Hoffman observes.
Bloomberg said emergency vehicles, buses, taxis, and commercial vehicles are exempt from the rationing procedures and police officers will be on duty at gas stations to assist with crowd control.
Rationing had been gradually introduced in the early part of the war and unsurprisingly petrol was one of the first items to be restricted.
It has been almost three decades since Henry Aaron's and William Schwartz's 1984 book, The Painful Prescription: Rationing Hospital Care, touched off a policy debate over the need to employ stern measures to bring rising health care costs under control.
Tea was still on ration until 1952 while 1953 saw the end of sugar and egg rationing and in 1954 cheese and meats finally came off ration as well.
BEIRUT: State-run Electricite du Liban attributed Friday the severe electricity rationing to low power production, illegal connections on high voltage lines and a halt in the delivery of electricity from Egypt and Syria.