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He added: "Can we have a debate on the role of Tesco that is ravaging our towns and city centres up and down the country?
Summary: BEIRUT: Fires erupted Friday in different areas in the district of Jbeil, ravaging vast areas of woodland.
According to the ministry data, a total of 529 wildfires are currently ravaging on an area of 172,300 hectares, against Monday's 460 fires (115,000 hectares).
Greece's president yesterday described the fires ravaging his country's forests as a national catastrophe, as thousands of firefighters fought to control blazes that have killed at least 64 people since they began five days ago.
To escape the ravaging barbarians from the hinterlands, the Goths fled en masse to the banks of the Danube and sent envoys to the Roman emperor Valens, begging for permission to cross into Roman territory to escape the marauding hordes, and to settle in the province of Thrace.
Audubon's early efforts to the plume wars to early collectors of birds, The Race To Save The Lord God Bird documents the ravaging of the bird world around the turn of the century--and the slow realizations of bird extinction processes which evolved from there.
Since the diagnosis, Al and his wife, Sharon, have worked to spread awareness about the early stages of the ravaging disease.