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And though I am a follower of the Olympian Muses who love dances and the bright path of song -- the full-toned chant and ravishing thrill of flutes -- yet I never cared for any of those feats of skill at young men's revels, as I do now for this: I am filled with wonder, O son of Zeus, at your sweet playing.
At once she was caught in a web of ravishing music and dazzled by a panorama of lights and colours.
She was a great and wilful lady: I had seen her once carried high on slaves' shoulders amongst the people, with uncovered face, and I had heard all men say that her beauty was extreme, silencing the reason and ravishing the heart of the beholders.
For example, these ravishing ear-rings and this necklace so superb to correspond, were what one called a love- gift.
com | Liz McClarnon makes |a ravishing lady in red.
Known for unparalleled views, the SVO is teaming up with Ravishing Radish Catering to offer a one-of-a-kind event experience.
read: "Fred is worshipped by a fanatical They've changed his Wiki page to They've changed his Wiki page to read: "Fred is worshipped by a fanatical read: "Fred is worshipped by a fanatical group of Celtic fans known as "The group of Celtic fans known as "The 443" for his unbelievable finishing 443" for his unbelievable finishing ability and his ravishing 1970's porn-star ability and his ravishing 1970's porn-star moustache.
Fans will recall her in such fare as the haunting "Between Two Worlds," her excellent, underrated 1946 re-make of "Of Human Bondage," the tense "Three Secrets," "Detective Story," "Scaramouche" (never sexier than in vivid Technicolor), "Interrupted Melody," "The Man with the Golden Arm" (as Frank Sinatra's possessive wife) and even "The Naked Jungle" with Charlton Heston as a ravishing mail-order bride brought to a jungle plantation (even in the worst times -- when killer ants approached -- Eleanor had a handy supply of luscious lingerie and evening gowns on hand.
London, July 13 ( ANI ): Laura Robson ditched her tennis whites and looked ravishing in a figure hugging little black dress, as she arrived at the 2013 Henley Festival on Friday.
LAHORE -- Samsung Electronics, a market leader and award-winning innovator in telecommunications and consumer electronics has announced the arrival of the ravishing Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802, a GSM only dual SIM android smartphone, which allows users the convenience of dual SIM support.
Summary: Akshaya Tritiya is round the corner and Malabar Gold & Diamonds choose to celebrate this festival with their customers by offering them assured gift coins with their ravishing collection of gold and diamond jewellery.
No more so than in the splendid concert by the young singers of the Choir of Royal Holloway when the Baltic predilection for complex a cappella vocal music was revealed to ravishing effect.