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According to its website, Raze Therapeutics is at the forefront of the discovery and development of a new class of cancer treatments that target key metabolic pathways.
In May, the board asked voters to approve $300,000 from the town's Stabilization Fund to raze the structures, which have not been used in years.
Opening act Man Raze played to more or less a full house.
Man Raze play a rare gig at Birmingham's Barfly on December 4 - get tickets now before the band belatedly breaks big and heads for stadium support slots in the New Year PC
Adopting the moniker Man Raze, they play Birmingham Barfly next Thursday.
Owner Sarah Olson requested the designation to make it harder to raze the building.
Blowin' in the wind: During the 1970s energy crisis, Raze won a national award for building a 33-foot-tall wind generator that powered the lights of his Coburg Elementary classroom.
280B prohibits a deduction for the owner or lessee of a structure for the cost incurred to demolish or raze such structure.
Ramallah, April 29 (Petra)--Israeli bulldozers from the settlement of Revava on Wednesday began to raze and dig up the settlement established on Hares Village land, west of Salfit city in the West Bank.
WEST BOYLSTON - Voters on Monday purchased several utility vehicles to keep the town's fields and cemetery in good condition and authorized cameras for the schools, but they drew the line at spending $300,000 to raze the Helen C.
The newest image raises concerns that Iran is attempting to raze the site prior to allowing the IAEA visit," ISIS said in its report.