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Gradually we begin to re-collect our projections; "then at last comes that merciful moment when reflection is possible, when there is a reversal of the stream of energy, which now flows away from the object or the idea and toward oneself or, better still, toward the Self" (von Franz, 1980, p.
Once we become aware of the source of those projections, we are in a good position to make a conscious choice of whether, and how, to re-collect them or not.
In that way, if a physician intends to send a specimen and does not do so, at least the lab has early warning that a specimen is missing and can notify the physician's office in time to recover the missing material or re-collect it if possible.
An organization does not need to re-collect personal information; however, it must obtain consent to continue using or disclosing that information no matter how long ago it was collected.
Even if ROAR has to start all over again and re-collect the signatures, they will do it, he said.
Cornell's ethical mourners become chiffoniers as they re-collect the traces of the "Other," gathering and re-membering fragments of identities.
The reader must parody herself, and resign herself to the task of recollecting the remains of Others so that she can re-collect her own "self.
Similarly, poor quality in the laboratory - the need to repeat tests, re-collect specimens, issue corrected reports, recalibrate assays - can be financially accounted for in terms of the expenses of poor quality.
In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to re-collect what a researcher needs each time from the wild, once we know where it is, than to maintain the total diversity of wild relatives in a gene bank," Sperling says.