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Sure, it's hard to imagine any practical advice and insights that will do more than echo and re-echo the countless insurance conference chatter of the past six months, but the RIMS audience will surely be listening.
When altering backgrounds, Cohen's zooming perspectives of Bruges, Prague, the Sahara, Israel, Paris, Spain, and other lands in which he has traveled echo and re-echo the intertwined mysteries of his mood swings, yearnings and extraordinary creative instinct.
Steven Rockefeller, Re-Echo Holdings - Advisor for Finance
The pangs of agony of man of this era echo and re-echo in the disillusioned images of his own which have been crafted strikingly by the artist.
There is the call to prayer five times a day, which rends the air with cries of the greatness and unity of God; there is the individual service, carried on in silence, but with God's name on the lips of every individual worshipper; there is the public service in which the Imam recites aloud portions of the Holy Quran, that tell of divine grandeur and glory, with the refrain of 'Allah-u-Akbar' repeated at every change of movement; and when the prayer is finished, there is again a chorus of voices speaking of divine greatness, making the mosque echo and re-echo with the remembrance of God.
She told the cheerful women groups that, "the UNRCSP is happy to join the millions of women all over the world to re-echo the theme of this year's International Women's Day which is "women and men are united to end violence against women and girls.