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TEPCO is now reportedly planning to strictly re-enforce the rule of evacuating the site whenever the dosimeter's alarm goes off.
Health officials said that the findings do not prove anything but the revelations may re-enforce rumours that UN peacekeepers from Nepal carried the cholera to Haiti.
We will re-enforce a valuable partnership with the defense forces in the Dominican Republic, in hopes of ensuring a future of long-lasting maritime security for both nations.
Our meeting point was at the Pontprennau School site where we took the opportunity to re-enforce the message that Pontprennau is the only ward in the city without a primary school.
The creation of the SSI is intended to recognize the efforts of all those who serve at sea and to re-enforce the key role that naval operations play in Canadian security at home and in diplomacy abroad.
The failure to energize our judiciary can't be placed at the door of Damascus, although taking such reform steps would re-enforce our steadfastness and self-respect, and our ability to deal with Syria in a more constructive manner.
The audience found the circus performers very entertaining but it was also a great opportunity to re-enforce the message that S4C will be going digital and provide viewers with the advice and tools they need.
Go for stripped floors and choose muted, earthy shades for your walls to re-enforce the African theme.
draws on experiences from his varied career in law enforcement, as a martial arts instructor, and as a massage therapist to re-enforce the concepts set forth in his book "Wisdom is the Answer--Common Sense is the Way.
The new admission policy underpins the value of WTM as a four-day business-to-business event, and so far numerous "must attend" Thursday initiatives have been created to re-enforce this message, and visitors will be able to have more scope and opportunity to meet with one another across the full four days.
Re-enforce the idea of customers visiting their local BancFirst around the corner, while also recognizing strength, competence and stability of BancFirst's statewide network of banks.
The product has been re-branded to re-enforce what's really important; that it contains over 50% juice," says head of marketing Jason Hood.