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The partnership with Uber adds to efforts currently underway by the state to help inmates successfully re-enter society and avoid returning to prison, such as Governor Duceys Second Chance Box Executive Order signed yesterday.
The witness claimed when the man tried to re-enter he was told not to.
Sir - The interview with Gwynfor Evans and your editorial comment both calling for Dafydd Wigley to re-enter Welsh politics was discussed at the branch meeting of Plaid Cymru in Haverfordwest last night.
Along with the key personnel who have joined the organization and their combined level of experience, (these acquisitions) allow Dameron to re-enter the aerospace, aircraft and military markets that we were once heavily involved with a number of years ago," Baron said.
Dr Seuss' seminal children's book, 'The Cat in the Hat', is set to re-enter the New York times best seller list for the first time in decades this weekend due to the massive marketing campaign employed to promote the up-coming live action movie of the story.
Garrett attempted to re-enter the house to call 911.
A new effort under the auspices of the American Council of Life Insurers is tackling an intractable problem in the industry--feeding data in an array of incompatible formats to reinsurers, which then must re-enter and re-format the data to fit their own systems.
British Telecom is thought to be considering a link-up with Virgin Mobile in a drive to re-enter the mobile phone business.
Purpose: To help a swimmer re-enter a canoe from the water.
The rate of job loss among those with long-term mental illness is high, and the loss of one job typically results in a decision to either drop out of the job market or to re-enter the VR system.
Still others can be helped through vocational rehabilitation services to enter or re-enter the job market.
CHICAGO -- Aquent Marketing Staffing, the world's largest staffing firm specializing in the placement of marketing professionals, is working with leading business schools and career counselors to help moms understand how they can re-enter the workforce and achieve a work-life balance through such alternative employment solutions as interim staffing.