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Dancing Girls, Loose Ladies, and Women of the Cloth invites lay readers and Biblical scholars alike to re-examine the women of the era not only through the context of faith and study, but also through the lens of modern feminism.
Until gun control supporters and gun enthusiasts re-examine some of their assumptions, neither will get far in achieving policies that are likely to reduce violence, the stated objective of both sides.
Given the concern which has been expressed by local people, I am prepared to re-examine the original decision.
On the final day of the council meeting, Canon Mike Lowery of Brandon, who chairs, the committee, announced that he and Fred Evans, financial officer of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, met to re-examine the salary and benefits provided by the diocese.
Recycling advocates who just a couple of years ago singled out New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as someone leading a charge in the wrong direction--away from recycling--must now re-examine their criticism of the mayor's policies.
Open source companies like Gluecode are forcing entrenched, proprietary software vendors to re-examine their pricing models, distribution strategies and product feature sets," said Nathaniel Palmer, Chief Analyst, Delphi Group.
Moreover, wasn't it courageous of board members to re-examine their own predetermined choice to succeed Douglas Daft?
Assembly Environment Minister Carwyn Jones is resisting pressure to re-examine the issue of whether Amersham's tritium emissions may be causing birth and peri-natal deaths in north Cardiff.
Whether or not allocations are made out of net income or items of gross income or deduction, partnerships with foreign partners and ECTI should re-examine the nature of their Sec.
Following the ruling, Utah State University President Kermit Hall told reporters that his school which currently has no gun policy, would likely re-examine the issue.
When business was slow, Ryce took advantage of the extra time to re-examine her business strategy and update her business plan, concentrating on management and administration as well as operations and marketing.
Rather than re-examine legislative measures to mitigate against the effects of prostitution like the Contagious Diseases Acts or those that attempted to curtail vice like the Criminal Law Amendment of 1885, Bartley documents the development of methods to keep girls from engaging in the trade and to reform those already involved.