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Another participant pointed out that some legal jurisdictions would make the insurance company put on an entire new roof or re-side an entire house, while others would adhere to more conservative reasoning.
316,000 for commercial alteration: re-roof and re-side existing building: Haskell Corp.
They would put siding only on the addition and not re-side the existing house.
We had originally planned on building a second barn to meet our growing needs, but after much agonizing debate and trial and error we discovered that we could enlarge and re-side our present barn for only a fraction of the cost of a new structure.
Department of Forestry: $139,800 (replace vinyl flooring in a Springfield office, repaint and re-side a shed and equipment shed in Veneta)
He estimates he spent about $100,000 in service calls, including having to completely re-side four jobs.