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Four Christmases is a tinsel-strewn re-tread of Meet the Parents, which fails to make us care about Brad and Kate before throwing them into the lion's dens of their family homes.
As an added bonus, there are also scenarios exclusive to the game so it doesn't fell like a complete re-tread of the films
8 (8) The Jungle Book 2 (U) Re-tread of the Disney cartoon classic.
JULIE GOODYEAR: Like an old tyre of the same name, she's threadbare, worn out and in need of a re-tread.
Now Arnold is back with a vengeance in a line up of re-tread epics.
8(4) 15 9(7) The Hangover Part II THE original will surely be regarded as one of the best stag comedies ever made but the sequel is a re-tread of the same winning formula but with half as many good jokes.
Anyone expecting a simple re-tread of their classic early singles like Paraffin Brain or Urban Ospreys, however, is going to be disappointed because this is a long way removed from their early 80s roots, but then who - your average Quo fan apart - wants a band to just re-live their former glories?
For some reason, Hollywood likes to use real actors when giving cartoon series a re-tread - The Flintstones is a case in point - and Scooby-Doo is no exception.
London needs a fresh face, not a shopsoiled Eighties re-tread.
Fans will give this slice'n'dice re-tread top marks.