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When Chiles claimed Nigel Martyn would have been thankful his "reproductive organs" didn't get in the way as Dennis Bergkamp's shot flew through his legs, Strachan retorted with: "Mind you, if your reproductive organs reached down to the ground you'd be a very proud man.
Mr Jones, from Mountain Ash, thought his beloved pet Medo had suffered a heart attack and reached down to comfort him.
I reached down to raise the flap handle--surprised at myself for not doing it in the first place.
Before I gunned the engine, I reached down real quick and loosened the knot and Blue fell in.
I reached down and felt the head of the baby and I thought:
One stooped, reached down, and lifted something from the grass.
The next morning, I reached down to stroke my sleek calves and recoiled in horror when my fingers encountered a disgusting prickliness.
Although, according to you, I wouldn't recognize them if they reached down from my wallet and scratched my rear end.
The lecture theatre in the basement is usually reached down a rather unceremonial dog-leg stair.
When pumping the breaks did not work, she reached down for the pedal and because of her seatbelt, could not reach the gas pedal to attempt to stop the vehicle.
Aquarium staff in Fushun held the dolphins' jaws open so he was not bitten - and he reached down and grabbed the plastic.