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He felt a soft, warm pad upon the fingers of one of his hands where they circled the branch to which he clung, and then something reached down out of the blackness above and dragged him up among the branches of the tree.
As I reached down to grab it, my leaderless 8-pound line snapped.
Smith was standing next to Marion awaiting a potential rebound when he reached down to make his move.
Winding the end of the sheet round one wrist, he let himself down to hang full stretch, brought up a trembling hand to take the knife from his mouth, and reached down as far as he could to drive it into a crack.
Our kids really reached down today for something extra.
Summary: Washington, July 13, 2010, SPA -- Haiti&'s recovery from a devastating quake is "very slow" and has not yet reached down to the Haitian population, Dominican President Leonel Fernandez said Tuesday in Washington according to dpa.
She reached down and unzipped his jeans and held him gently, so that he was surprised.
Margaret said concerns had been raised about the lack of landing sites in the area, which can only be reached down miles of single-track roads.
The comic laughs: "I dropped my knife on the floor and when I reached down to get it my weight tipped ever so slowly and I fell off the chair
Rene-Charles repeatedly reached down to grab rose petals that rained down on the final bow, giving them to her.
Police said the woman, who is aged in her 70s, had reached down to get some bread when someone reached into her bag, which was on her trolley, and stole her purse, containing cash, credit and debit cards and a bus pass.
People reached down into their hearts and they did it.