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Although there may be some tax consequences associated with reacquiring such property, this planning technique should at least be considered.
Simultaneously, SOCO announced that it had been successful in reacquiring all remaining 13-1/2 percent subordinated notes and the related cumulative participating rights.
In reacquiring Webshots, we are committed to making it the best place on the Web to share and enjoy photography, creating a useful, exciting, and fun experience for our users.
The program for reacquiring stock has resulted in an improved capital structure and increased return on shareholders' equity.
Fiscal year 1999 results were impacted by a one-time charge resulting from the Company reacquiring 2.
By reacquiring these subsidiaries, QMS expects to double its product revenues in the coming year.
That is why the Company has been reacquiring stock, our ESOP has been acquiring stock, I am personally acquiring stock, as well as my management team and certain board members.
Paragon shares the excitement that the Arking family enjoys in reacquiring this business," said Andrew H.