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108(i)(2) provides that if, as part of a reacquisition to which Sec.
With the reacquisition of global distribution, the brand will also focus on Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and Brazil.
Experiment 2 examined the effects of swim stress on another phenomenon involving CS-alone presentations: the reacquisition of an extinguished taste aversion.
Russia has completed the reacquisition of 24 upgraded MiG-29 fighter-jets rejected by Algeria as substandard.
Ludlum Entertainment's reacquisition of the rights to develop games based on Ludlum's literary works comes at an ideal time for the company -- the international success of Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy coupled with continued, dramatic changes in the gaming industry enable Ludlum Entertainment to develop new partnerships capable of fully exploiting the multi-platform potential of the Ludlum content and storylines.
With the return of three-time league MVP Lisa Leslie from maternity leave, the addition of two-time Wooden Award winner Candace Parker of Tennessee with the first overall pick in the draft and the reacquisition of All-Star DeLisha Milton-Jones, the Sparks entered Tuesday's game with Seattle with the best record in the Western Conference.
This will complete the reacquisition of Company stock, which was resolved at the annual shareholders meeting held on June 22, 2006.
The ease, comfort, reacquisition of dignity, and improved safety of the new wireless endoscope aside, "these swallowed capsules are one of the best ways of identifying bleeding sites," says Spiesel.
Coach Dip Donaldson has brought in several more players, taking the number in the squad up to the allowed 12 members, with the reacquisition of Wes Hall, and junior players Kane Hudson and Joel Stephenson.
Upcoming costs will come from the reacquisition from Cambridge Laboratories of the marketing rights to Volplex, a blood plasma volume substitute.
The Tactica merger follows management's reacquisition on April 29 of a 55 percent interest of Tactica from Helen of Troy.
The fresh start rules were intended to provide for a deemed disposition of property of the business and a deemed reacquisition of that property, with the income, gains, and losses being included in surplus for the final year of active business status, and the income from the FAPI business being computed in subsequent years by reference to the new tax basis of the assets of the business.