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At the same time, the SC said there is no basis on Vivienne Tan's argument that reacquisition of Philippine citizenship under RA 9225 has a retroactive effect, such that a natural-born Filipino citizen "is deemed never to have lost his or her Filipino citizenship.
The following day, she filed a petition before the Bureau of Immigration (Bl) for the reacquisition of her Philippine citizenship, wherein she stated in her petition that she lost her Philippine citizenship when she became a naturalized American citizen.
This COD income is includible in gross income ratably over a five-tax-year inclusion period beginning with the fifth tax year following the tax year of the reacquisition (if it occurred in 2009) or with the fourth tax year of the reacquisition (if it occurred in 2010).
phenomena that presumably concern processing of the CS): the habituation of neophobia and the extinction of associations (specifically, the effects of swim on the reacquisition of extinguished associations).
8 September 2011 - US biopharmaceutical firm Adolor Corporation (NASDAQ:ADLR) said on Tuesday it had finalised its reacquisition from UK-based GlaxoSmithKline (LON:GSK) of all rights to Adolor's US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved ENTEREG (alvimopan).
New Delhi, June 22 -- The latest salvo between Tata Motors and West Bengal government tussle has thrown in by the Tata Motors which has moved Kolkata High Court on Tuesday night, challenging the legality of the Singur land return Act, barely an hour after the Hooghly administration pasted reacquisition notices on the main gate of the disputed Singur compound to take back land acquired for both Nano factory and the vendor park, according to reports.
kate spade china, together with the planned reacquisition of our mainland China and Southeast Asia businesses, as well as our joint venture in Japan, will solidify our long term commitment to brand ownership in Asia.
The APCA is demanding that their pays as wella s their grades be increased, their financial benefits be restored, house reacquisition for all government employees and the establishment of a housing colony for the APCA.
Prism Capital Partners, LLC has announced the reacquisition of 399 Jefferson Road, a 180,000 s/f, Class A office building in Parsippany.
Fast start-up, reacquisition and output rates enable the A220 and A221 to provide the best signal for visual guidance and automated steering applications.
Summary: Russia has completed the reacquisition of 24 upgradedMiG-29 fighter-jets rejected by Algeria as substandard.
The 18 1/2-inch ported barrel makes this 12-gauge pump gun easy to shoot, minimizing muzzle lift resulting in faster reacquisition of the target.