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A reality of the fact is communities start reacting against proposals and then they start putting pressure on candidates to take positions,' he said.
When the students see pictures of Emmett's burned and battered corpse, they start to realize what Lorde was reacting against and why she is indeed so angry.
Pop, reacting against Abstract Expressionism, might inspire another purist episode but was not itself "an art of searching originality.
Hassan believed that the root cause of the crisis was civil strife in many Islamic and developing countries--people reacting against their own corrupt and non-democratic regimes.
She was also, the authors, argue, reacting against female poets of her day by her innovations in language and by her writing about politics and current affairs.
In reaction to this wide-ranging attempt at social measurement and control, we got the Beats and everything that followed--a cultural ferment reacting against bloodless quantification and control from above.
ATHE Newlyn School of Art was set up in 1890 and attracted many artists who were reacting against the mass production of the Industrial Revolution.
The Northwest Herald reports that the bishop was apparently reacting against the event's sponsor, Church World Service, which had invited Faye Wattleton, a former longtime director of Planned Parenthood, to speak at one of its events.
In the next 10 years, we will identify the MS antigen, the molecule the body is reacting against," Dr.