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A reactionary distinguishes himself or herself from the movement conservative by being committed and uncompromising to a degree that discomforts the latter.
prevalence of reactionary rhetoric among notable opponents of public
In yet another confidential document, obtained by Taraf, then-Prime Ministry Undersecretary Mustafa Ecetin also responded to the CHP's parliamentary question about reactionary groups and their activities.
The Communist and Workers Parties condemned the role of the Justice and Development Party government in Turkey, the NATO's main base in the region, in supporting the reactionary factions, particularly those operate in the name of religion, and their attacks against Syria.
The incongruous, poisonous influence of big business and the blind, flailing nature of reactionary politics will undoubtedly cause the collapse of our society before long and there may be no stopping it.
Turkey's past constitutions were all made in a reactionary environment," Gul told an Istanbul meeting of the Turkish Exporters' Assembly or TIM.
The existence of the authentic reactionary is usually a scandal to the progressive.
From a strictly progressive perspective, siding with one faction of the reactionary regime is not necessarily the best political strategy.
A lesson in democracy in the purest form by the "Middle Eastern democracy" par excellence Aa For that purpose it can count on its best allies, who are not, despite appearances, the United States or the European Union, but the reactionary Arab regimes.
Liverpool has a reputation for being a somewhat reactionary city; only the other night Tony Benn remarked that it was the most politically active area in the country.
The left is now the home of the establishment reactionary.
He said David Cameron and the rest of the party's leadership had committed themselves to tackling racism, but added: "In the undergrowth of the party, in the grassroots, including this candidate, there are all these backward, reactionary sentiments.