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But the recent re-emergence of Kurdish nationalism and Islamic reactionism, and the methods employed by the state to confront them, raises questions about the nature of this "strong" state.
To topple one is necessarily to topple them all: this is not political or conservative reactionism, but a fact of logic.
Actually," Schuyler wrote, "the progressive improvement of interracial relations in the United States is the most flattering of the many examples of the superiority of the free American civilization over the soul-shackling reactionism of totalitarian regimes.
In this case, the mixture of secular experts and religious professionals may well have been the first step over a living bridge to a long-sought ideal: the infusion of meaning and values into the operational dimensions of society rather than the usual separation and reactionism that have become common in the eternal tension between religion and society, between piety and life.
24) Seven years later, when Southern reactionism was unmistakable, Dabney wrote to Graves more directly: "I agree with you that I have shifted my point of view considerably in the past fifteen years.