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When lower intensity pulses were sent through the waveguide to read the contents of the device, they were also able to detect the subtle differences in transmitted light, allowing them to reliably write and read off eight different levels of state composition -- from entirely crystalline to completely amorphous.
Elapsed time is read off just as one would read off the time, instantly and without any possible confusion.
It is important to realize that the Gospel, though a written document, was read out and heard, he says, and so was recalled from memory rather than read off the page by most people.
As a centre-half, when you start alongside someone new you try to find out how the other person plays, what he's going to do and you try to read off that.
Colonel John Rossi read off the names of the deceased during a short, solemn news conference on Saturday afternoon on the base.
Time and time again the announcer read off the names of FRS copywriters -- Christopher Cobb, Wendy Newman, Stuart Mac Lean, Matt Waters and Jim Newberry.
The New Zealander was caught by the Notts captain Chris Read off the bottom edge as he tried to hook Shreck.
Retired veteran Ed McNamara is going to give a speech about the American flag, and we're going to read off the names of Sterling residents in harm's way," Mr.
I have been tracking balls and shagging in batting practice a lot, just trying to get a read off the bat.
The actual test state and the graphical progress of test parameters can be easily read off the full color display, according to the literature.
Earlier Jimmy Maher pulled angry Shreck to midwicket and Phil Mustard edged to keeper Read off the next ball.
Francisco Herrara and Rosa Marta Zarate led the group in singing Christmas carols in English and Spanish while others read off the names of border crossers who had died in the deserts and mountains on their journey northward.