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The Australian full-back has played a major role for the Lions this season and assistant manager Ray Wilkins said: 'Kevin saw the surgeon last night and at the moment, from what the surgeon can read off the scans, it's not as bad as first thought.
At issue here is the need to develop pedagogical practices that do more than read off ideologies as they are produced within particular texts" (Giroux, 1994, p.
For instance, in the recent hostage exchange ceremony, they read off the names of the other Israeli prisoners, and didn't even mention him - and this hurt him very much.
Facing temperatures well into the 90s, England did not have to wait long to make a breakthrough with Harmison striking with the first ball of the sixth over when Javed Omar edged behind to wicketkeeper Chris Read off the back foot.
Adam Hollioake fell for a quickfire 35 off 25 balls - including eight boundaries - when he was bowled by Steven Elworthy before Saqlain fell, caught Christopher Read off Andrew Harris.
The spokesman said: 'We played all the signals back from the May Day call that we received, which read off the yacht's bearings.
The diamond tip is pressed into the surface of the casting, and a hardness is read off a dial indicator on the testing apparatus itself.
But moving in and out of positions based on stock quotes read off a cell-phone-display panel isn't investing.
To calibrate a slotted sieve, the contents of a single-shot bottle of the reference standard are simply poured onto the sieve and shaken for one minute, From the percentage of beads passing, the mean aperture size of the sieve is simply read off the calibration graph on the test certificate supplied with each standard.
It was unnerving, trying to read off that TelePrompTer.
Captain Justin Langer repeated his first innings heroics as he made 104 before being dismissed caught behind by Chris Read off Andrew Harris.
To say that you identify yourself with a color, to have your political affiliation read off the color of your drapes, is a less po-faced response to what foucauldians might describe as the "disciplinary" mechanisms of modern society: the body turns into the site of power and knowledge, the eye or the gaze operates its own sovereign surveillance.