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The SRM-15 Series Sunlight Readable monitors are backed by a full 3-Year Warranty.
Machine readable cheques are designed with special electronic bars to enhance security.
The brainchild of editor Glenn Madere, The Readable Code and Regs has so far tackled only IRC sections 701 through 777 and associated regulations (final, temporary and proposed), dealing with partnerships.
The company also said it plans to apply its advanced Sunlight Readable Technology across its entire products lines.
Klempner and Sendijarevic have done a masterly job of developing an authoritative and readable text on a material that is an essential component of product performance.
Not only will the translation be more readable, but you'll also save money by reducing the number of words that need to be translated.
OrindaBuild requires minimal configuration and produces human readable Java.
One great example shows how a scripted headline, tilted upward between a strong visual element and more readable text below, is almost never read in a hurry.
Without doubt, however, this book is a readable and informative model of how a single incident can be used to illuminate a much broader slice of American life and history.
The Last Heathen is above all an eloquent and readable promise of this possibility.
Jim Forster, BA's government and industry affairs manager, said: "We hope that as the UK has been issuing machine readable passports for the past 10 years, most of our UK-based customers will be OK.
Here are some guidelines exerpted from the newsletter for making your mail readable and easier and cheaper to process.