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Many service men and women suffer with feelings of isolation and loneliness when leaving the forces and struggle to readapt to civilian life and find fulfilling employment.
Public television has to readapt its strategies so that it can continue to fulfil the functions of a public service, in the context of a much wider range of offerings.
We need to readapt our philosophy to recent scientific advancements, because 'all that we are is the result of what we have thought'.
When the FAA went back onto the offensive in 1944 it had to readapt to strike missions that were very different than Taranto, Matapan, or the Bismarck chase.
It had been five years since I had been home, and like all the other times, I was wondering how I would manage to readapt myself to the changes and how I would get along with my younger brothers, who in the meantime had grown up" (25).
David Rambo, an established playwright (``God's Man in Texas'') and part of the writing staff at ``CSI,'' wasn't exactly trolling for new assignments when he was offered the chance to readapt Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe's California Gold Rush musical, ``Paint Your Wagon.
The WHO recommends stronger animal surveillance and says China could readapt its anti-SARS watches to bird flu.
How then does the soldier, having become proficient in these skills in the course of a decade-long war, readapt to civil life?
calls for a post-Cold War "seat at the table," in the development of a CFSP and ESDP to which NATO has been asked to adapt and readapt itself repeatedly since 1 991, and above all in the enlargement process, in which the EU has resisted external interference in matters relating to timing or the eligibility of countries for membership.
s (1989) tutorial supervisor is unable to readapt to different domains without being manually provided w ith new training data and then retrained offline.
Take a hard look at your existing equipment and think of ways to readapt it to your new higher volume facility.