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Research Question 3: Is there a correlation between readaptation to home culture and the severity of reverse cultural shock experienced by music therapy professionals from the APR area who established their practices in their home countries after obtaining formal music therapy training in the United States?
Section of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Union Europeenne des Medecine Specialistes, European Board of Physical and, Rehabilitation Medicine, Academic Europeenne de Medecine de Readaptation, & European Society for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.
com business model combines travel agency commissions, advertising revenues and readaptation of the application for other, mainly mobile, platforms.
May 9, 2008) (noting some progress concerning the State's implementation of "the educational, work-related and other measures necessary to ensure the social readaptation of Mr.
Readaptation des malades en insuffisance cardiaque chronique: effets immediats et a moyen terme.
As a result, El Salvador is unable to "fulfill the aims established by the American Convention on Human Rights: the reform and social readaptation of the prisoners," the IACHR team concluded.
Pour une intervention dans le meme sens, voir l'Association quebecoise pour la readaptation psychosociale dans Quebec, Assemblee nationale, Commission permanente des affaires sociales, <<Consultations particulieres sur le projet de loi no 39--Loi sur la protection des personnes atteintes de maladie mentale et modifiant diverses dispositions legislatives (4)>> dans Journal des debats de la Commission permanente des affaires sociales, vol.
Je recommande que les 3 D (demobilisation, decroissance des effectifs et desarmement) et les 5 R (rapatriement, reinstallation, readaptation, reconciliatian et reconstruction) soient mis en oeuvre en tenant compte du genre, et plus specifiquement en impliquant les femmes comme des intervenantes et non seulement comme des beneficiaires, au niveau de la planification, de la mise en oeuvre et du suivi des programmes pendant les conflits et apres les conflits.
12-15: Psychosocial Rehabilitation Readaptation Psychosociale Canada; Conference; Kingston, Ontario; www.
We want the prisoners to be separated, according to the severity of their offense, along with the implementation of social readaptation programs for people who committed their first crime.
42) Significantly, the underlying question that informs many of the narrator's descriptions of animal behavior concerns the role instinct has played in their adaptations to the microenvironments in which he finds them: the perfect survival instinct of partridge chicks, the slave raid conducted by one species of ant on another, and the readaptation to woodland life of domestic cats gone feral as contrasted with the comic efforts of "many a village dog" who, through domestication, has become so ill-adapted to that life as to be "fit [now] only to course a mud turtle in a victualling cellar" (232).