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Thereby, the aims and conditions of governing are constantly readapted and redefined, depending not only on the ever-changing parameters of the governed spaces of flows themselves, but also on the shifting context and conditions of regulation (such as cost calculations, public opinion, and availability of novel control techniques).
Statistical analysis and distribution of answers on the Re-Entry Satisfaction Scale Number of respondents for each question Questions 1 2 3 4 How much have you readapted to 0 1 0 10 * your home culture?
The remaining animals were gradually readapted to 33 psu and after 30 days they were fixed and examined for histopathological changes in the midgut gland.
As most buildings are demolished, redeveloped, readapted and retrofitted to meet the ever-changing needs of society, those who make it happen are a defining reason why real estate and IREM are synonymous with everyone's "live, work, play, stay and shop" environments.
Lesson plans, measurement tools, and guide materials must be readapted.
The treatment is then created using those four colours and after a month, readapted based on results.
Marena is about 14 and is being readapted to the social regime at Youth Training Facility after being forcibly separated from her revolutionary mother, of whom she only has fragmented memories, memories that, against all orders, she tries to recapture through writing.
Sustainable materials such as bamboo, reclaimed waste readapted into a new life cycle, and recyclable products like those made from corrugated cardboard are growing in number and design aesthetic.
So, Sappho parodied and readapted Homeric phrases and motifs, subverting these to glorify love not war.
They are starting to understand that the legislation needs to be readapted.
The Ship is a former 18th century farmhouse that readapted itself to cater for the barge traffic of the Industrial Revolution.