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Statistical analysis and distribution of answers on the Re-Entry Satisfaction Scale Number of respondents for each question Questions 1 2 3 4 How much have you readapted to 0 1 0 10 * your home culture?
I suggest that these connotations, reiterated and readapted in the context of Marian doctrine and female monasticism, are the key to Andrea del Sarto's altarpiece.
Here is another hypothesis: should Devils on the Doorstep be readapted into a novel, it would be far superior to the original Survival.
The patent covers a particle-separation technology originally developed for use in outer space but readapted for efficient ground-based operation.
Subsequent video- and computer-based efforts engaging painting, photography, and film have readapted the social critique immanent in his approach for a "post-medium" moment.
Yet during the period of post-WW II occupation, many of the actual practices of venereal disease control developed in the 1930s or earlier were not fundamentally altered, but were readapted to fit new social circumstances.
The four items developed for the present study are: (1) How much have you readapted to the American culture, (2) How comfortable do you feel living in the United States, (3) How much is life back in the United States an enjoyable experience, and (4) How satisfied are you with work or social activities now that you are back in the United States (response options: 1 = not at all; 7 = very much).
It was three feet deep (easy enough to reach one in back and could be readapted for rabbits etc.
In Central Park, the operations department oversees 16 sprinklers at 21 playgrounds, said Stephen Spinelli, a project coordinator, including an aquatic retread - a 60-year-old statue of Alice in Wonderland that was recently readapted from drinking fountain to sprinkler for the Levin Playground at East 77th Street.
If worthy abandoned structures can be readapted for other uses, i.
In some cases, technologies developed for an automobile can be easily adopted for a small engine application whereas in others, the technologies need to be readapted and even, reinvented for the small engine market.
The Council of Europe Development Bank was created in 1956 in response to problems with refugees and then readapted to address social problems of societies and strengthen social cohesion.