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Another Paraguayan demand that the sides be allowed to sell to third countries will be readdressed in 2023.
This confusion needs to be readdressed as soon as possible, with compulsory legislation being brought in sooner, rather than later.
In some local authorities, for example, the funding formula being used is insufficient to cover costs and must be readdressed.
The strategy is good as it raises quite a few points that need to be readdressed and hopefully we can do this now.
Costs, training, and impact of the new rule have been underestimated by HHS, and must be readdressed before going forward.
This situation will be readdressed if lawmakers pass a new broadcast media law before 2007 ends.
If the family had won, many existing housing disputes would have had to have been readdressed.
Thirty-three years later, these elements of the Brunswick's ongoing story are finally being readdressed under the direction of Hodgkinson and the practice that was subsequently formed by two key members of his original design team, (the Davids) Levitt and Bernstein.
Myriad questions covering a broad spectrum of issues were raised, researched, answered, crosschecked, and then readdressed.
As these processes change, the answer to the prevailing question has to be readdressed to respond to our many publics.
We are pleased to see that this issue is to be readdressed and await the results in anticipation, " he added.
COMNAVSEASYSCOM Washington DC 050558Z DEC 01 (NOTAL) and readdressed as COMNAVSAFECEN Norfolk Va 072040Z DEC 01 advise about the availability of flame-resistant mattress covers for the innerspring mattresses distributed throughout the fleet.