readily seen

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The trophy cabinets are also to be relocated outside the refurbished room in an area which will not be readily seen by the golfing fraternity.
For galaxies like Messier 63 the winding arms shine bright because of the presence of recently formed, blue--white giant stars and clusters, readily seen in this Hubble image.
Al-Nadaei reiterated that Saudi Arabia is the only country that interferes in Yemen's internal affairs, and said, "Saudi Arabia's meddling in Yemen is readily seen in its aggression, which has not been authorized by the international community.
Employers now rely on the practice of quizzing potential candidates for information that is not readily seen on the resume.
Cooper, whose real name is Vince Furnier, is heralded as an early influence on many musical genres, and his imprint is readily seen in punk, in the glam metal and goth rock movements of the 1980s, and latterly in the emergence of darkly-themed contemporary industrial rock acts like Marilyn Manson.
I'm quite certain all of the attributes for the award were readily seen in Donnie by all those who have worked with him in this association," said Greg Force, Tindall president and COO.
I highly recommend a large peep sight, so the entire sight housing can be readily seen as you aim.
Pandas have a gestation period of just 90-160 days, and the cubs are too tiny to be readily seen via ultrasound.
The statement adds: "Being on the Esplanade, the property is readily seen and easily accessed but a commercial use has ceased to be viable due to low overnight tourism visits and a saturation of drinking establishments.
He then brings this account to bear on a paradox, the Secretary Liberation Paradox, which is readily seen to involve conflicting rules.
Often this difference is visually distinct and readily seen.
Director Keith Stewart said: "Echo House is an iconic property which can be readily seen from a considerable distance when driving south on the A19 at Washington, due to its height.