readiness to give

See: largess
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Like Flood, Parling's decision to remain in his native North-East has been helped by Andrew's readiness to give young players a chance.
Despite my readiness to give up, I'd learned just enough that day to see that this man had it figured correctly.
Now following the new S4C research, Welsh language campaigners have criticised Ofcom's readiness to give the station a clean bill of health.
Kanezo Muraoka, who had been a senior member of the Hashimoto faction, has expressed readiness to give sworn testimony in the Diet about his role in the scandal.
The program needed to be worked at Corps level; it would be too difficult on unit readiness to give up the required quantities of trucks by division.
It involves some good will, and a readiness to give up historic myths on both sides.
American Jews' allegiance to Israel has undermined in diverse areas their readiness to give prophetic witness, a task that Jews assumed eagerly during the nineteenth century (in Europe), and during most of the twentieth century--after many Jews had emigrated to America.
Through their meetings, profound conversations, hospitality and readiness to give assistance, everything which had previously made him insecure just fell away.
An Altrincham grocer feels he cannot accept a firm's invitation to look over its premises lest this be regarded as implying his readiness to give an order in return for its hospitality.
MMC) has expressed its readiness to give DaimlerChrysler AG effective control over its management, sources close to negotiations between the two automakers said Friday.
Gowda feels that India has been doing injustice to Kashmir and has shown his readiness to give them some concessions.

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