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We were in the mix in the league until we dropped a couple of points at PSNI, but we'll maybe have to readjust our ambitions because it could take us the season to get a lot of new players settled.
I hope Rajan is able to readjust the fiscal system," Jain said.
It was just a bad start to the game and it was difficult after to readjust.
Abu Emad said it is difficult for adults and very difficult for children to readjust their sleeping times.
Bartlett said: "We face a tough period to trade through the transitional period and readjust the business to life in the Championship, but I am confident we can do that.
As I readjust the title of the article by Sonia Alleyne " .
57%, which will be used to readjust manageable expenses.
5 Exposing yourself to sunshine helps readjust your internal clock.
If a small mask is too big to create a good seal, readjust and tighten the head harness, then test with PATS again.
The upshot of having four powerful planets in your own sign during January will free you to readjust in some way.
Today most students, save those in honors English or elite private schools, readjust a few classics in high school.
Next year, attendees will readjust to a northern climate, as in 2003 the Paper Recycling Conference & Trade Show will return to Chicago.