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To balance the books they are now planning to rob the private pensions by readjusting the methods of calculation, not so that it can improve pensions but so that it can move billions of pounds of pension liability away from employers and into the pockets of the financial institutions.
The recently released inmate finds it a struggle readjusting to life on the outside.
It was widely believed Hill, now a junior, would have difficulty readjusting on the baseball field, especially when you consider Valencia's exceedingly difficult schedule.
Rocmec Mining) (TSX VENTURE:RMI) is pleased to announce, subject to approval from theTSX-Venture exchange, that it has concluded a series of transactions aimed at readjusting the exclusive thermal fragmentation licensing agreement with Rocmec International inc.
Older soldiers and those with families of their own usually have a tougher time readjusting than their younger counterparts.
After readjusting our gross margin forecast and trimming our operating expense projections for the anticipated benefits of the ongoing cost-cutting program, we slightly increased our EPS 2005E and 2006E to $0.
The burn survivors came back - after suffering months of surgeries, disfigurement, depression, and of readjusting to family, work and showing their faces at the local supermarket.
They can zoom in, zoom out, and pan side-to-side without readjusting the goggles, making the system incredibly user friendly.
It continuously kept adjusting and readjusting like a track carnival ride.
Mitsubishi Digital's new color algorithm streamlines the color adjustment process by readjusting color after replacing the lamp or making other adjustments that may change color values.