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The system perceives the pedestrian movement on the pavement & automatically readjusts the remaining time.
European and South American investors, periodically readjusts its stake in Highland to maintain an exact 25 percent ownership.
Imagine, also, a high throughput tool that actively self-tunes to produce consistent results -- a tool that instantaneously readjusts to provide a different plating pattern for a specific wafer.
When you travel across time zones, the body's internal clock readjusts, but when you work the night shift, your body can never fully adjust to your schedule, she said.
For example, to extend the monitor's life, the 21" B line and the 19" and 21" inch P line are equipped with Auto Calibrate, which readjusts color temperature, luminance and the black level to keep the monitor's screen fresh.
In response to changes in the market, Lattice alters price limits on lists of orders and automatically readjusts order sizes based on the trader's available cash.
If the PAO1 receives interference from another photo-electric system, it readjusts automatically to a new safe position.