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24 (ANI): Turns out, dementia affects the hospital readmission rate for worse.
However, apart from readmissions, how many other clinically crucial outcomes could be predicted using data from devices like Fitbits remains unclear.
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act established the Readmissions Reduction Program, which required CMS (2016) to reduce payments to hospitals with excess readmissions.
In addition, having multiple diabetes complications significantly increased the risk of readmission not only for severe dysglycemia, but also for all causes that are seemingly unrelated to diabetes.
To assess the per-patient cost or savings of the BRIDGE program against usual care relative to readmissions, the difference in observed readmission rates for participants and nonparticipants was multiplied by the average cost of a cardiac readmission and deducted from the cost of an individual BRIDGE visit.
Clapp and his coinvestigators analyzed postpartum readmissions occurring in the first 6 weeks after delivery in women in California, Florida, and New York--3 states whose combined 1 million deliveries a year represent approximately a quarter of all deliveries in the United States.
Steps to reduce the need for readmissions include improving communications between patients and clinicians, as well as between primary care and hospital physicians; assessing patients readiness for discharge and providing better post-discharge resources said lead author Andrew Auerbach, MD, MPH, a hospitalist at UCSF Health and professor of medicine at the UCSF Division of Hospital Medicine.
4) The CMS Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program imposes further financial penalties on hospitals for "excess" 30-day readmissions for all discharges.
A subset of 2,155,836 records through June 2012 comprised the index dataset; the remaining records were only used to identify potential readmissions.
Clinical leaders and hospital executives are concerned as reports show hospitals, such as teaching hospitals and safety-net hospitals (top quartile of hospitals providing uncompensated care), caring for sicker patients are more likely to have readmissions and thus incur disproportionate penalty.
We found that CDI readmissions for any reason had almost a one-week longer average length of stay than all-cause readmissions," said Teena Chopra, M.
Figures for the previous five years were similar at around 200 readmissions.