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2) However, a more recent study focusing on patients admitted for elective orthopaedic surgery suggested that almost 30% of all readmissions are planned, and the majority of unplanned readmissions are related to a surgical cause, primarily infection.
Specifically, Premier HEN hospitals avoided 58,102 readmissions and 19,760 adverse events, and saved nearly $750 million.
Readmission rates among patients who engaged with VOICE just once over the 30-day period following dischargereduced by 56 percent.
Based on these results, we believe that sepsis readmissions are under-recognized and should be among the conditions that are targeted for intervention by policymakers.
We tested the algorithms against the Mayo-MHA discharge data to determine readmissions within 30 and 90 days of discharge to the same or another hospital.
5% (116) readmissions in those who had an incontinent urinary diversion, neobladder, and other diversion, respectively.
Learn more about this study in the article, "Burden of Clostridium difficile infection on hospital readmissions and its potential impact under the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program" at ajicjournal.
Can Wearables Prevent or Better Manage Readmission Rates?
Figures for the previous five years were similar at around 200 readmissions.
Illinois-based Advocate Health Care, one of the nation's leading health systems, is embarking on a major research program with global healthcare company Abbott, Abbott Park, IL, to demonstrate how nutrition protocols can reduce both patients' readmission rates and costs in the hospital.
They will come to understand that connecting the dots on readmissions from the community will include identifying the PAC provider involved in providing immediate care and the number of days between the discharge from the PAC facility and readmission to acute care.
Looking at more conventional approaches to curbing readmissions, medication reconciliation and telephonic monitoring of patients post-discharge emerged as frontrunner strategies.