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Later, venturing into other genres, I read The Education of Little Tree, The Power of One, and Anpao (the first book assigned in school that I liked).
I think it's great you can read a book to someone who can pay attention to you,'' said Cristian Rodriguez, 11.
You have to read boring (and sometimes plotless) literature for class.
If school libraries have books written in simplified English and cover topics that engage ELLs, then these students will be able to read in the L2 without experiencing frustration.
SKILLED BRAINS When Ethan piqued the interest of Georgetown's Guinevere Eden, her team had already made headway in identifying how the brain develops in healthy kids who read well.
Actual Reads--This is supposed to mean a real read, a good read.
Competitions like this one reach "kids who wouldn't normally or necessarily choose to read," notes Hain, adding that extra copies of the books are ordered for the school libraries and there's always a waiting list for them.
McManus argues convincingly that these women may have read The Faerie Queene all the more avidly for feeling their own vexed negotiations played out in the tortured plots of the Amoret, Florimell, Serena and Priscilla stories.
Each pupil will be required to read on grade level by the school year 2005- 2006, if not sooner in selected states in the union.
But the drive to discuss what's been read has as much to do with a yearning for community, self-improvement, and spiritual growth as it does with the books themselves.
To a large extent it is becoming possible to read someone's mind by observing his or her brain activity.