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347 Weight Watchers ( Shepherds' Pie - 320g Heinz 21123320 02/06; 04/06; 05/06; 06/06; 08/06 Ready Meal
348 Weight Watchers ( Beef hot pot ( 320g Heinz 21123429 all codes Ready Meal
349 Weight Watchers Chicken in BBQ Sauce 330g Heinz NA all date codes Ready Meal
350 Heinz Shepherds' Pie 340g Heinz NA all date codes Ready Meal
Get ready for ad nauseam replays of Terrell Owen's penmanship, Joe Horn's cell-phone call and Warren Sapp's dances as the NFL rule-makers try, once and for all, to define good taste.
Get ready for 17 nervous days of competition in Athens at the first Summer Olympics since 9-11, notwithstanding the $750 million budgeted for the protection of athletes and fans.
The other challenge to market penetration for Roundup Ready corn has been licensing the technology to seed partners.
Lyn Ramsey, the company's executive director of industry relations, observes that the western side of the Corn Belt has had a strong demand for the technology, and "the corn borer and Roundup Ready stack is even more desirable.
Imagine life for a corn farmer if he could buy a $150 bag of corn with Roundup Ready, corn borer and rootworm protection.
The only instances in which federal or state authorities have displayed any interest in going after Labor Ready and its ilk are in cases where the government has been cheated of its slice of the fiscal pie, particularly in the realm of workers' compensation insurance.
By the late 1990s, trade unions like the AFL-CIO saw proof that the growth of Labor Ready and the many back-alley operations that sprung up to reap similar bounty could no longer be ignored.
To come up with a widespread solution against the Labor Ready giant, organized labor and grassroots groups have had to merge efforts.