ready cash

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Simply put, the modern consumer economy began as an enterprise limited to those with the free time and ready cash to occupy the new spaces of organized leisure.
Any processor with ready cash today can have the latest, greatest all-electric machine for no higher cost than a standard hydraulic press.
Ready cash is a big part of being able to house a strong arts program, and though the school itself is no better funded than any other public school in the city, it does have the benefit of a very active PTA and the ability to attract outside funding.
I've drawn up a list of ways to cut back on our outgoings and of things we could sell to realise some ready cash.
Furthermore, revenue-conscious American governments ended the policy of assisting ambitious European immigrants with free grants of land, selling it instead to land speculators and settlers with ready cash.
You can use all your allowance for a maxi stocks and shares ISA, but there is no access to ready cash.
The deal provides ready cash to pay off the mortgage and bills, and will provide PB a rent-free venue for seven years.
Whereupon merchant-bankers emerge as the pivotal agents of change, for the "magnificence" of Renaissance princes and magnates owed everything to the vast loans of ready cash made over to them by the Medici, Chigi, Fugger, or other such banking houses (chap.
An emergency fund differs from investment assets because it is close to ready cash.
If only there were some entity out there, with a huge accumulation of ready cash, that could help bail out the branches, which serve the city's poorest and least-educated readers.
Radow noted that more lender owned assets and notes are being offered for sale and are now creating opportunities for buyers with ready cash and expertise.
The accused had held his passport and demanded Dh2,000, but the Asian did not have ready cash and promised to pay it later.