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Promod Dass, head of Financial Institution Ratings at RAM Ratings, said that the bank's Tier-2 Subordinated Bonds have also been reaffirmed at AA for its stable outlook.
The AMA reaffirmed its belief that reviews, where appropriate, should be conducted at the state or local level and should be performed or supervised by physicians.
Rehnquist reaffirmed his belief in judicial restraint in the line-item veto and right-to-die cases, and in a lonely dissent defending Georgia's right to give candidates drug tests.
Although Sears' proposed restitution may include charging off particular receivables in the master trust, Sears has stated that the majority of the applicable accounts were reaffirmed post-bankruptcy petition and, therefore, subsequent to being charged off from the master trust.
During the conference call, the Company reaffirmed its outlook for fourth quarter 2006 net sales performance, originally communicated on October 25, 2006, and upwardly revised its fourth quarter profit outlook.
A governor's commission reaffirmed Lancaster as a site for a veterans home, but recommended the deed to the land the city is offering be held in trust pending state studies on the site's suitability.
Earnings per share guidance for 2006 reaffirmed at $1.
In anticipation of management's presentation, the company reaffirmed its previously released forecast for the fourth quarter of 2006.
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